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With the Hair Diagnostix test you can gain insight in a non-invasive way into what exactly is going on in your body. After sending in a hair sample you can download a full report with the results five days later.

In order to make this entire process run as smoothly as possible, eyetractive developed an application that takes a long list of tasks out of the hands of employees.

Ordering and payment

After selecting a test and entering contact and address information, the customer is immediately given the option to make the payment via iDEAL, credit card or bank transfer.

Once the payment is processed, Hair Diagnostix employees receive a notification of the newly received order, so they can immediately get to work shipping it to the customer.

Shipping of the tests

For this purpose, the MyParcel shipping service is used. Using their API, shipping labels and other documents can be created and printed with a single click of a button. Very convenient!

To keep a grip on the shipping process, automatic monitoring has been developed. For example, packages that are more than 14 days in transit are automatically put on a signal list, so that an employee of Hair Diagnostix can follow up on them.

Furthermore, Hair Diagnostix employees can mark returned packages as "unusable," after which the entire shipping process is restarted.

Data processing

The package has arrived and the sample can be examined by one of the researchers at Hair Diagnostix.

Upon completion of this analysis, the data obtained is entered into the application. This data is then used to generate a comprehensive report containing the test results and recommendations.

Download report

Once the report is available on the portal, the customer will receive an email with a link to download the report. This can be done after entering the pin code the customer received with the sample.

The report will be stored for a maximum of 365 days after it is issued, after which it will be automatically deleted.

Download example report

In September 2020, Hair Diagnostix was also featured in an episode of Radar on NPO1. Watch the episode here.

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