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Lybrae contributes to improving the quality, sustainability and safety of our living environment. They offer a unique combination of consulting, training and project secondment, enabling them to engage their professionals with commitment, pride and fun.

Connecting with internal administration

Lybrae uses an internal administration system to enter, maintain and process the various vacancies. In order to be able to display the vacancies on the website, they first need to be exported to the WordPress installation using an API.

The API developed by eyetractive imports the latest vacancies from the administration system to the website every day. During the import, the vacancies are also linked to the correct recruiter, Lybrae branch and any areas of expertise.



areas of expertise

Job listing

Using lybrae.nl job seekers can easily browse through the available vacancies using the developed filter and search functionalities.

When viewing a job posting, in addition to the contact information of the linked recruiter, other information such as region, education requirement and salary range is displayed to the user.

Submitting an application for a vacancy is easily done using the integrated application form. Very convenient!

Google for Jobs

A large amount of job seekers start their job search on Google. Since the beginning of 2020, Google has made the platform Google for Jobs available in the Netherlands. This allows employers to display their vacancies with additional information on Google.com.

Naturally, Lybrae does not want to be left behind here. That is why eyetractive set up the website's link to Google for Jobs, so that all vacancies on lybrae.nl are now automatically submitted to Google. This makes looking for the right job even easier!

Google for Jobs

Eyetractive is a professional party with solid and up-to-date knowledge within their field. Communication is smooth, they think in terms of practical solutions and when there are questions, they are always ready to help and advise. In short: a valuable and reliable partner!

- Robin Deuss, Marketing & Communication Lybrae Nederland

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