We design and develop smart software solutions for our customers to make their operations more efficient and data-aware.

By optimizing complex work processes as smart applications and tools, you save time and build a smartly designed future. Unnecessary work? Never again.

  • ODS Ledenadministratie

    ODS Ledenadministratie

    Één geïntegreerde oplossing voor ledenadministratie, CRM en facturatie.

  • Hair Diagnostix

    Hair Diagnostix

    Een klantportaal met monitoring over het volledige orderproces.

  • Academie Verloskunde - VeCaS

    Academie Verloskunde – VeCaS

    Big data, voor big research.

  • NVvP Inschrijvingen

    NVvP Inschrijvingen

    Inschrijvingen voor congressen met workshoprondes.

  • Stadion Intranet

    Stadion Intranet

    Één centrale plek voor medewerkers van Stadion.

To create the optimal software for you, we work according to three simple principles:

True customization

We design software solutions to fully meet your needs. Truly customized! And that starts with good measuring. When we understand exactly what you’re up against, we can best serve you.

Simplicity is golden

From programming language, to plain language. We build software that makes work finer, faster and easier, with ease of use at its core. In short; no endless manuals, just understand at a glance what it does.

Software on growth

Our software and our collaboration is tailored specifically to your needs, goals and the growth your organization envisions. Because we understand that you don’t stand still. That’s why we build software that grows with you.

What kind of software?

We support our customers in all areas of their business, with for example:

  • Business support systems, CRM, ERP.
  • Process Support & Monitoring.
  • Intranet, communications and project management.
  • Customer portals & self-service environments
  • Registration tools & event ticketing

In fact, we build exactly what you need. And why?

  • To make work processes more fun, faster and easier.
  • To make all your data useful and available everywhere.
  • To build a smartly designed future.

For whom? For you.

At eyetractive, we are working toward a future where you no longer do unnecessary work. With our software solutions, we automate your business processes as much as possible and save you a lot of time and energy.

We develop enterprise software for start-ups, SMEs and organizations with more than a thousand people and a solid set of requirements. For SMEs, government and non-profits.

  • Laudy Bouw
  • Maastricht University
  • Provincie Vlaams Brabant
  • Maastricht UMC+
  • GGD Zuid Limburg
  • Dutch Mountain Film Festival
  • euPrevent
  • Nationale Vereniging van Podotherapeuten
  • Provincie Limburg
  • Huis voor de Sport Limburg
  • Burgerkracht Limburg
  • AFTC
  • Sportkracht12
  • CineSud
  • Tilburg University
  • Gemeente Maastricht
  • Primera
  • ODS Vitaal
  • Lybrae
  • Omgevingsdienst Nederland
  • BAM
  • Academie Verloskunde Amsterdam Groningen

The right approach

To make sure your software works optimally, we work in four sprints.

The right tool, for the right job

With Wink, we realize beautiful applications for you. Wink is a lightning-fast, secure and stable platform in the cloud that allows us to develop the most complex processes cost-effectively.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

Mylan is happy to show you how our smart software can make your work better, more fun and faster.